Ajax alarm

Universal security system Ajax

Ajax alarm is a wireless professional, integrated security system controlled from a smartphone or tablet. When developing the system, its authors wanted to create something universal. As a result, you can enjoy a system that protects from intrusion, fire, and flooding. It meets all the requirements for professional security systems.

What the system can do

This is not a DIY solution, but a professional security system that is resistant to hacking attempts. It has been independently verified and obtained several European certificates. It is managed from a smartphone.

The App (available for iOS and Android) informs about the state of all devices in the system, allows changing their settings and operating modes, shows a detailed history of events, and promptly notifies about alarms

Ajax security system can have up to 50 users, and each can get a certain amount of rights with the chosen notification mode: Push, SMS, or calls.

Among the many advantages of Ajax system, the following are especially worth noting.

  1. Wireless connection. You should power up only the hub.
  2. Drive distance. Thanks to Jeweller technology, Ajax sensors, cameras, sirens, and other devices can be located at a distance of up to two km from the hub.
  3. Ease of adding sensors. Install the application for Ajax via Google Play or AppStore on your smartphone, register the sensors by reading QR codes from the package or case, and then fix them in the room.
  4. Long service life. The manufacturer’s declared operating time for most sensors with a pre-installed battery is seven years.
  5. Two communication channels. Ajax Hub supports simultaneously two options for data transmission, wired Ethernet and wireless
  6. Different types of alerts. Depending on the client’s wishes, notifications will be received via call, SMS, or push notifications on the smartphone screen, as well as information on the security console.
  7. A permanent connection between the hub and sensors. According to the basic settings, the device status information is updated every 12 seconds. The hub conducts a “poll” of all connected devices, and in case of malfunctions or burglar alarm informs the owner about it.
  8. Possibility of connection to the centralized security panel. Ajax company produces special software that allows security companies to constantly monitor the state of the alarm system at facilities.
  9. Regular upgrades and updates. From the latest ones: Ajax can be connected to IP surveillance cameras, as well as to additional sensors from third-party manufacturers via the Transmitter module.


Ajax security and alarm system has 27 different devices connected to a single hub. These are sensors for motion, opening doors and windows, impact, glass break, leakage, smoke, high temperature, and carbon monoxide. In addition, there are combined sensors and power control relays for electrical appliances. All gadgets and sensors are combined into a single smart security system.

Ajax Hub/Hub 2 controller

Hub (Hub 2) acts as the brain of the entire system. It connects all sensors and combines them into a single ecosystem

Hub 2 is a flat square box with rounded edges and measures about 16×16 cm. It also includes a power cable, Ethernet cable, a set of fasteners, and instructions. The hub is capable of transmitting a security alarm even in conditions when the speed is only 0.5 kbps. It communicates with other sensors and devices using the Jeweller protocol.

In normal mode, the controller operates from the mains (110-240 V) but it also has a battery that provides self-sufficiency up to 16 hours. That is, if the power is turned off for at least half a day, the hub can operate on its own resource, and at that time, you will receive a notification that the security object is deactivated.

Here, we’ll tell you about some of the most popular gadgets in Ajax systems.

Ajax FireProtect Plus

It is a fire detector that, in addition, can measure the concentration of carbon monoxide, dangerous to your health. It is capable of detecting smoke-producing fires, sudden increases in ambient temperature (even without smoke).

The smoke is detected via an optical system. If the temperature rises above the allowable limit of 59 degrees above Celsius the sensor turns on an alarm. The built-in siren operates at a volume of 85 dB (the noise of an aircraft taking off is estimated at about 110 dB).

Ajax HomeSiren

It is wireless, like all other Ajax alarm devices. You can configure any of the sensors that are connected to the system to trigger the siren separately. The volume is from 81 to 105 dB, and it is adjustable. The Ajax HomeSiren siren is triggered not only when someone unexpectedly breaks into the apartment, but also in the event of a high temperature, smoke, pipe breakthrough (or a forgotten tap that floods the room), or after pressing the panic button.

Ajax KeyPad

The keyboard controls the Hub that gives commands to the sensors. It partially duplicates the App. When using the keypad, you can, for example, deactivate the system or turn on the alarm. And you can deactivate the system in the forced mode only through the keyboard. The design of the Ajax KeyPad keyboard is very successful, it looks stylish.


This is a combined motion and glass break sensor. This part of Ajax intruder and security alarm is capable of monitoring the integrity of glass within a radius of nine meters. Ajax CombiProtect detects human movement (does not react to animals) from 12 meters. If necessary, you can adjust the triggering threshold of the sensor.


This is a small electrical power control relay that is able to count power consumption, protect smart devices connected to the outlet, disconnecting them in case of an overload in the power grid, and perform a number of other functions. The relay will help create a sense of presence. Another option of this Ajax home security gadget is remote control of heaters.

Ajax MotionCam

It combines a motion sensor and a surveillance camera. It monitors and sends photos from the scene only at the time of motion detection. You instantly receive a series of images on your smartphone.

Multifunctional Button

It is a small device with a single button and a light indication along its perimeter, which will confirm the sending of the signal. Using the button, you can send an Ajax signal of the intruder alarm not only to the control panel of the security organization but also to users — the administrator of the system and those who have access to it. For example, when leaving your child alone at home, you can be sure that he will be safe. In an emergency, you will be aware and able to react quickly.

The button knows how to manage smart home scenarios. For example, you can set to turn on a smart socket (or other devices) by a short press on the button and to turn it off by a long press.

Choose the best kit

Kit Features Price
StarterKit Ajax Hub, motion sensor, door opening sensor, control fob with a panic button $ 390
Ajax StarterKit Plus black Ajax Hub Plus, motion sensor, door opening sensor, control fob with a panic button $ 620
StarterKit Cam Ajax Hub 2, motion sensor, MotionCam, door opening sensor, control fob with a panic button $ 575
StarterKit Cam Plus Ajax Hub 2 Plus, motion sensor, MotionCam, door opening sensor, control fob with a panic button $ 790

Ajax is not only an intruder alarm, it is a perfect example of a well thought out ecosystem of smart and secure home devices

A variety of sensors and supported work scenarios can cover all the needs to ensure both personal and property safety, no matter how far the owner is.

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