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An intelligent home is a system of gadgets, applications or devices that connect to the Internet/smartphone. Usually, you can manage and interact with these devices using a special application.

Components of the smart home devices and services are very diverse in their images. Is there a security system that allows monitoring via an Internet connection in your house? You have an intelligent home. Do you have LED lights that you can turn on/off and change the intensity with your smartphone? Yes, you have a smart home. Do you have webcams to watch the windows, the front door or the nursery? This is also a smart home. Even a wireless router and a laptop with tablets connected via the Internet are already the foundations of an intelligent home.

An integrated approach to creating an intelligent home

There are two ways to make your home smart: gadgets that you can install yourself: smart sockets, baby monitors, and light sensors, or subscriber services such as adaptive and integrated security systems. Many security companies (such as ADT), telecommunications companies (for example AT & T and Verizon), and cable networks (Time Warner and Comcast) offer ready-made platforms.

There are two ways to make your home smart: gadgets or subscriber services

The difference between these services and ready-made devices is that the company provides and installs the equipment. You do not need to choose and install it by yourself. Now, most Americans that want to make their homes intelligent use such services.

When you buy such services, the company’s experts install, as a rule, all the necessary equipment. For instance, ADT sends you one of its representatives who will install a security system and connect it to an existing Internet connection for continuous monitoring of contact sensors, cameras, fire and smoke detectors. Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome Services offer security services, fire alerts, quick medical assistance, and remote control of lighting, thermostat and other devices.

security services

Unlike do-it-yourself devices, which involve only the purchase of the equipment but require experience and patience in the installation, the ready-made platforms work according to the subscription scheme with a monthly payment. The starting price for IntelligentHome Services is $ 40 per month (if you are already a client of Time Warner Cable) plus payment for the installation. The contract term is 18 months. If the contract is broken, you will have to pay a penalty, except for cases when you move to a region where Time Warner Cable does not provide its services. Services AT & T Digital Life Smart Security and Home Automation cost at least $ 54.97 per month while signing a contract for two years.

TWC IntelligentHome features

Time Warner Cable is a multifunctional communication company that also deals with home security. Its IntelligentHome system offers several service packages.

Time Warner Cable security system packages

Package What’s included
Secure package Control panel, two sensors, one for a window and one for a door, motion or broken glass detector to choose from
Security and Energy Package Two window sensors, a motion or broken glass detector to choose from, an intelligent thermostat
Security & Video Package Two window sensors, a motion or broken glass detector to choose from, an internal or external surveillance camera (you can track the video both from home and remotely)
Security, Video View and Energy Package all of the above equipment included

You can order additional equipment, as well, and supplement any of the packages: light and home appliances control, smart locks, additional alarm, fire and water detectors, and more.

appliances control

TWC application for smart home

For the convenience of users, TWC offers to install the application for both Android and Apple devices. With the IntelligentHome application, you get the remote access allowing you to control the system from anywhere in the world. Only the subscribers of the system can use the application.

The App allows:

  • turning on and off the system,
  • remotely viewing the video in real time from anywhere,
  • controlling thermostat and light,
  • viewing the status of specific areas,
  • monitoring the state of the connection of the entire system,
  • creating new system rules or editing the existing ones.

Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome is a 24-hour monitoring system for home security. The equipment included in the basic package is limited. However, there is a choice of additional options, round the clock support and a contract for 18 months (the shortest on the market). The monthly maintenance fee is average for the market. In addition, Time Warner can work with already installed devices of other companies.

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