Intelligent home security

A well-organized intelligent home security system is not luxury. It helps to prevent, if not frequent, but extremely unpleasant situations or to take them with the least financial damage. It gives an opportunity to live at ease without shuddering from the slightest suspicious noise and not being afraid to go on vacation or a business trip.

The security system will keep everything in order waiting for your return

More and more people trust intelligent systems to manage their homes and take care of their safety.

Smart technologies in numbers

How many people The use of intelligent home systems
20 % US adults who already use devices that connect the physical environment to the Internet
1.5 million homes in the US that installed a complete automation system
224 millions homes where smart technologies will be installed by 2019
10 % US homeowners at the age of 25 to 34 have at least one smart electrical appliance
1 out of 9 (11 %) the number of homes in the UK that use at least one smart appliance
$ 7.8 market turnover of smart technologies for the home by the end of 2019
150 the number of interconnected devices of the smartest home in the US
$ 393 the average cost of intelligent home systems’ owners in the UK, for the same purpose US citizens spend almost twice as much

What can the smart home protect? Its security system consists mainly of:

  • protection against fire, automatic fire-extinguishing system,
  • protection from water leaks,
  • protection against trespassing.

Protection against home hazards

Protection against burning

Burning control is carried out through the sensor system that reacts to the slightest change in the air composition when carbon monoxide appears in it. When the system detects the dangerous agent, the following happens:

  • the fire protection system is switched on,
  • the access to the fresh air that promotes flame burning is cut off,
  • gas and electricity are cut off.

Alarm (siren and a light signal) will alert about the fire. If it starts when there is nobody at home, the system will send a voice message or SMS to your smartphone. The smoke removal system is activated. The fire department receives information about the fire.

All the measures help to reduce the fire source and to prevent its spread to other premises.

Protection against water leaks

Water leakage because of the pipe and hoses damage is not so destructive but it can bother both the apartment owners and their neighbors. Modern household appliances connected to water supply systems are not only domestic helpers but also a possible cause of problems. To prevent the consequences of the water supply elements failure, the leakage monitoring systems have been created.

The kit includes water leakage sensors that are installed in the areas of connection of household appliances or sanitary ware with water pipes. Magnetic valves are placed between the hand valves and water treatment filters. In case of flexible connection damage and moisture on the floor, the sensors detect it and give the signal to the valves that immediately shut off the water supply. Smart home systems are able to signal a cell phone, warning the owners about the incident.

Protection against trespassing

Protection against trespassing

Protection against trespassing includes a whole complex of systems and devices. The main is the control of the perimeter integrity. When somebody tries to enter through a door or a window, the specified contour is interrupted, and sound and light warning systems are triggered. An alarm signal (via voice message or SMS) is sent to your mobile phone. In addition, the security services are notified.

Depending on the complexity of the intelligent home security system, it offers different levels of protection. In addition to the alarm, you can install a set of equipment that also fixes all the windows and doors in the closed position. Thus, an intruder will not be able to exit before the arrival of security guards.

If there is always someone in the house, the premises or the garden area also need protection, just with other security methods. Motion or perimeter crossing sensors in combination with an intelligent CCTV system allow living in peace and comfort. The security systems will immediately detect the trespassing and warn the dwellers.

In addition to the above devices, the security system can include sensors for breaking the glass and breaking walls, coded locks that exclude the possibility of breaking with the help of skeleton keys, intercoms, allowing to identify the person who called the door.

Is everything really so perfect

Is everything really so perfect?

An intelligent home system includes a lot of IoT-devices that collect and process data. In the smart environment, devices exchange data on the Web. This happens either directly from the device to the device, or through the cloud.

As all the elements have access to the Internet, they are vulnerable to external attacks and it endangers not only the user’s information but also its health

HP Company conducted a study of the intelligent systems market and found out that almost all systems have security problems:

  • 100 % of systems allowed to use simple passwords;
  • 100 % of systems need an account lockout mechanism that can prevent automated attacks;
  • 100 % of systems are not protected from account selection, allowing criminals to guess the authentication data and gain access;
  • 4 out of 7 systems that have CCTV cameras allow the user to provide video access to additional users, which further exacerbates the problem with the selection of the account;
  • 2 systems provide the ability to transfer video without authentication at all;
  • only one system required two-factor authentication.

Many manufacturers are so eager to put the gadgets on the market as quickly as they can that protection issues take a back seat. However, not everyone is so careless about safety issues. The researchers call Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung and Philips as the companies which solutions are more or less protected. They incorporate key-based encryption into their solutions and limit the number of communication protocols.

So, a real intelligent home is not one that allows you to open the door via the Internet, but the one that does not let anyone do it

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