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Intelligent home is a package technical solution, implemented through software and hardware. It includes power using equipment, household and technical appliances, various subsystems, engineering devices that are integrated into the intelligent home system.

Easy control with mobile applications

Are all the windows closed? Is the light switched off? Are there no strangers at home? If your house is connected to the Internet, it’s enough to look at the smartphone screen to be sure that everything is in order. Smart home systems make it possible. The most wonderful is that you can control your home from anywhere. You just need to press the buttons on your smartphone screen to dim the lights in the living room, adjust the heating or turn on the TV.

Smart thermostat provides the connection to the heating system. The sensor checks if the windows are closed. Smart outlets are responsible for TV, lamps or a coffee maker turning on. Smart home systems are connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth or home Wi-Fi. However, when it comes to managing multiple devices and on several floors, communication is often done through an additional central control point of the intelligent home. In addition, it allows you to control all devices to automatically turn off all the electrical appliances and turn on the security system when you leave home.

To set up the system, you do not need any specific technical knowledge or a lot of time. An hour or two is enough to install and configure all the devices.

We offer you an overview of six applications that will be especially useful for your smart home. The main focus on safety and energy conservation.

Netatmo Welcome: Network camera with face recognition

Netatmo Welcome App will tell you who is in the house now. If the camcorder cannot identify a person by face, it starts a video recording and notifies you about it. When you are at home, the application can inform you of the moving objects that get caught in the lens or the alarm sounds that are captured by the microphones (for example, from a smoke detector). Videos are saved locally to the supplied SD card or FTP server. Recording, as well as the remote access to video images, are free, but you should pay for a camcorder.

Netatmo Welcome App
Netatmo Welcome App will tell you who is in the house now

Yale ENTR: Opening the front door through the smartphone

When using ENTR Smart Lock or August Smart Lock, you can leave the front door key at home. The electronic door lock will open when you drag your finger from top to bottom in the application. The command to open the lock is obtained through An encrypted Bluetooth Low Energy connection will give the lock command to open. When you are not at home, you can provide time-limited access to the house for a friend. If you still want to open the door with a usual key, you can do it. The smart ENTR lock is installed on the inside of the door and is not visible from the outside.

Gigaset Elements: Protect the dwelling from uninvited guests

Gigaset Elements Starter Kit basic equipment set includes a central control point, a motion sensor, and a door-breaking sensor. Unlike other security systems, the door sensor detects an attempted violent penetration (noise level). In this case, you will receive a notification via the application on your smartphone. With it, you can also enable the presence or absence mode at home and determine when the security system should be activated. The window opening sensor, the camera, and the siren are optionally available.

Panasonic Home Network: Full protection for all occasions

The Panasonic Smart Home security system will alert you by a phone call even if you are offline. Via an Internet connection, the application will also notify you of the incident. The alarm starter can be one of the sensors for the door (window), the glass break or water leakage detector from the Starter Kit Plus set. When installing additional hardware modules, you can also monitor what is happening inside or outside your home, turn on or off the household appliances, control lighting, a landline phone and much more.

Apple HomeKit

Last year, Apple introduced the HomeKit platform and the Home application for easier integration and management of smart home gadgets controlled by iPhone.

Using the Home application, which is available on all iOS devices, you can:

  • manage lights, locks, garage doors, blinds, fans, sockets, air conditioners,
  • receive information from temperature and humidity sensors,
  • watch n security cameras,
  • use the Siri voice assistant for device management,
  • dim the lighting with 3D Touch,
  • synchronize the list of devices and their status,
  • create scripts (AppleTV is required).
home gadgets controlled by iPhone
Easy integration and management of smart home gadgets controlled by iPhone

Xiaomi Mi Home

Xaomi offers smart home systems in the form of a ready-made Xiaomi Smart Home Kit. It includes a main hub, smart button, motion sensor and a sensor for windows or doors opening. To manage a smart home, you should register on the cloud server Xiaomi. In the device menu, you configure the script and work schedule. The application also includes a store of additional devices for the smart house Xiaomi: temperature and humidity sensors, smart outlets. For convenience, you can customize the shortcut buttons, for example, “Home” or “Outside”.

Compatible platforms

Application Platform
Netatmo Welcome Android, iOS
Yale ENTR Android, iOS
Gigaset Elements Android, iOS
Panasonic Home Network Android, iOS
Apple HomeKit iOS
Xiaomi Mi Home Android, iOS

Now, home control is in your hands. Heating and ventilation, lighting and security, audio/video — all systems are interconnected and you can monitor them from any convenient location using the application on your smartphone.

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