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  • How to manage smart home gadgets with smarty phones and tablets?

    The surprise innovation of the smart home gadgets is the best control equipment where the intelligent spectrum is properly designed. It is well controlled the light, climate and saves the energy more for the future homes. There is a wide range of developments introduced with the control drivers in which the electrical equipment is performing […]

  • Intelligent home app

    Intelligent home is a package technical solution, implemented through software and hardware. It includes power using equipment, household and technical appliances, various subsystems, engineering devices that are integrated into the intelligent home system. Easy control with mobile applications Are all the windows closed? Is the light switched off? Are there no strangers at home? If […]

  • Intelligent home spectrum

    Last year, the world market for smart home devices reached $54.97 billion, as the research company Markets and Markets estimated. Over the next five years, this market will grow at an average annual rate of 13.6 %, and by 2023, it will reach $137.91 billion. In 2016, North America accounted for the most sold intelligent […]

  • Universal smart home app

    One of the main criteria for a good smart home is handiness. For communication, you can use either a standard application from the manufacturer, for instance, a smart plug app, or a universal smart home app that supports equipment from different manufacturers. Why you need a mobile app for an intelligent home? Mobile phones have […]